VyOS performance for 3-4m pps

Hello, I have a mikrotik ccr 1072 and i am handling about 3-4m pps and about 10gbps bps so i want to migrate to VyOS, but before that i want to know how can i make sure vyos can handle this amount of traffic ? because in mikrotik we have some issues.
my hardware is : CPU: 2x e5-2650 / 2x ssd500gb / 64gb ddr3 memory

Hello, @blackmetal!
Most likely, that your hardware should be enough for 10 Gbps of simple routing. The rest depends on your configuration and services, used on the router.

The best way to be sure that everything will be OK is to prepare a lab and test your router with all configuration and amount of traffic, which you planning to route via it.