VyOS routing / redirecting not working through IPSec VPN

Hi All,

I have a small issue. I configured site to site vpn between two VyOS routers. Tunnel works fine and i can access both end. Now i want to forward traffic from
one client through VPN tunnel to other side for internet access. This client can reach other end local addresses without any issues, but not internet.

When i access internet i don’t even see packets passing the local VyOS interface. But i can see packets in interface when i access other side local IP.
Tunnel is configured between <-> networks. Any idea about this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Do you have NAT in place in the internet facing instance?

Alternatively you can use vty interfaces (again with NAT) on the ipsec tunnel. Configuration is quite straight forward.

  1. configure vty interface
  2. configure ipsec tunnel to use vty interface
  3. configure NAT to masquerade the internal subnets with the public IP address