Vyos speed slow

I have used vyos with small traffic, it works fine, but when I my network to 300Mbps, the network speed is very slow, the download speed is only 200-300Kbps,
My vyos server has a 10Gbps network port, the maximum network bandwidth the carrier gives me is 40Gbps. i use ipv6, has anyone had a similar situation.


Could you share with version do you use ? what type of feature do you run ?(bgp/snmp/nat) . Also it is possible your current settings , use this commands:

show configuration commands | strip-private

config.txt (22.5 KB)
this is my config, I routing on vyos

this issue when neighbors over 2000, do i need to tune anything on the OS, I’m running a virtual machine vyos

Did you check cpu and ram usage? This slowness is continuous, or happens from time to time?

Slowness is continous, RAM and cpu many free


I have the same problem, speed is verry low.

I got 2 Providers from each 1GB with 300MB minimum speed guarantee

My network is with 10GB, on old servers i have port 1GB.

Vyos Router port to switch is 10GB and go to Servers with 10GB, and the speed is only 150-170Mbps not more, i have this problem long time ago, but i was avoinding to truly check, but now i have to fix this.

i connect any of the providers directly to my computer, i have speed 970MB Download and 870MB Upload.
I use a R610, 32GB Ram, 2 Cpus X5670 , SSD …etc

Version: VyOS 1.4-rolling-202104270417
Release Train: sagitta

Built by: autobuild@vyos.net
Built on: Wed 28 Apr 2021 01:17 UTC
Build UUID: f0d7c986-3047-4ffd-952b-c1fd3bef6cb7
Build Commit ID: 5fb7304cfba259

Architecture: x86_64
Boot via: installed image
System type: bare metal

Hardware vendor: Dell Inc.
Hardware model: PowerEdge R610
Hardware S/N: FBB3T4J
Hardware UUID: 4c4c4544-0042-4210-8033-c6c04f54344a

Did you check cpu and ram usage?

@CristianD enable offloads or just update to more newest release

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