Which one shall I use iBGP or eBGP between two vyos routers

Hi Team,

I am planning below scenario and its like this. I have two geo separated location and have two ISPs terminated on those.
i.e. vyos-locA & vyos-locB → Those are connected each other through MPLS.
locA network is, locB network is while I have one more vnet in azure cloud which is
Since I have two ISPs I have configured two IPSec Tunnels from LocA and LocB using eBGP. Which is running fine.
Now since locB is a remote location where most of the time both the ISPs goes down simultaneously and my tunnel with azure breaks down.
Since I have MPLS running between locA and locB -

Can someone please advise if I an or should configure bgp (ipsec tunnel) between locA and locB over MPLS? so that even if both the ISPs at locB goes down I can then route the traffic from locB to Azure vnet through locA? In this case shall I use iBGP or eBGP between locA ,=> locB?

Eventually I wanted to give reachabilitiy to Azure VNET if both my ISPs goes down at locB. Can someone please advise?

Blason R