Why my static route inactive is a direct route
set protocols static route next-hop ‘’ track xxx
set protocols static route next-hop distance 222
and i see the first route is inactive
I want to make a floating route but failed.
How can I deal with it?
Thanks a lot

Hello Niko.
What version of VyOS you are using?
Your fist command contains “track xxx”. Neither on version 1.2.X, 1.3 and 1.4 that option is available.
You could check your static routes command using “show config comm | match static”, and see if the route that you added is there.

Thanks for your reply.I am using 1.1.8,I can see the route I added using ‘show conf com | grep static’,but when I 'show ip route ',I see that it’s inactive.
Further more,I want to ask if version 1.4 provide VPNV4?
Thanks a lot

Hello Niko

Yes! version 1.4 supports VPNV4/v6 .

best regards

Yep,but I cant find where to define route-target.Is there some MPLSVPN configuration examples?
Thank you so much

at the moment, we don’t have a specific example (with RT like you said), but there are some examples in our blog :


Probably stupid question…but is next-hop directly connected?

yep.next-hop is directly connected

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