x32 ABI


Are there any plans to port VyOS to the x32 ABI (64-bit kernel + 32-bit pointers in user space)? Unofficial Debian port - http://debian-x32.org/ .

I’m running VyOS on x86 boxes (Fujitsu-Siemens thin clients - small, cheap, fanless, have CompactFlash socket, and accept 24V DC power; just one GbE but VLANs help a lot, and PCI slot is also available if you manage to find the rare low-profile dual port NICs - or mechanically hack the cheap high-profile HP NC7170 ones to fit). In my BGP setup, I noticed the 64-bit version uses much more RAM than 32-bit (in practice, needs 2GB vs. 1GB of RAM - 2GB is the physical maximum for my hardware), and while 64-bit code generally should be faster (CPU has more registers), using more memory for larger pointers also means more cache misses which slow it down. So, x32 looks like a good compromise (until the Internet routing tables grow so big that the quagga process really needs more than 4 GB - but that will take a while).