1.3.2 Build the same as the 1.3.2 commit

Hi, When self-building how do I ensure that the build is exactly 1.3.2 as the official ISO? As it clones the repo is there a specific commit?

I don’t think you can exactly - it’s not clear at which commit the official ISO is built.
I would just build an ISO now, you’ll be pretty super close to the same as the official 1.3.2 that way.

I honestly wouldn’t worry too much though, if you look at the github commits even if you were to build one in 2 weeks time, all you’ll end up with is probably a few more fixes than made it into 1.3.2 official. You can’t really loose :slight_smile:

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you can pull the release from here.

curl -O -L https://github.com/vyos/vyos-build/archive/crux.zip
apt install unzip
unzip crux.zip
cd vyos-build-crux
curl -O -L https://github.com/vyos/vyos-build/archive/refs/tags/1.3.2.zip
apt install -y unzip
unzip 1.3.2.zip
cd vyos-build-1.3.2