1.3-rolling-202007152012 - can't disable Ethernet interface

Hi All

Before I log a bug I wanted to make sure it’s not just me.

For the last 2-3 1.3 rolling releases I’ve tried, I’m unable to disable Ethernet interfaces. eth0 in this case.

I have a “standby” VyOS instance and using VRRP scripts, my interface to the Internet gets enabled or disabled depending on the VRRP status (I disable as I use the same MAC on both routers as my ISP filters MACs).
…but I’m finding that when I try a 1.3 rolling on the standby instance, the interface doesn’t get disabled and so I have routing issues (not to mention duplicate MACs towards the Internet).

If I try to manually disable the interface it says it’s already disabled, and if I bounce the interface it seems to work but it remains up.

If I go back to 1.2, there’s no issues.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

(sorry I don’t have screen grabs at the moment as I needed to stabilise my connection)



I’m not using 1.3-rolling so I can’t test easily, but if you are able to reliably reproduce this you would be doing the Vyos team (and us all) a huge favour if you could log a Phabricator ticket about it.

Or if you’re not keen to do that, write all the details here (logs too if possible please) and I can log one on your behalf.

(Also, hello fellow Patron, thanks for supporting the project!)

Hi @cmonck, I think this is know issue https://phabricator.vyos.net/T2106