1.3 Static Routes remain in RIB Even When Next Hop Is Down

I’m fairly new to VYOS and I’ve noticed that static routes remain in the RIB even when the next hop is down. I have two routers and the router that connects to them has two static routes. One with default distance and the other that has a higher distance of 100.

I would expect if I take R1 down, that the loss of next hop would remove that route from the rib, and the floater would handle that traffic from R2 until R1 comes back up. This does not seem to be the case.

Is there a mechanism to have this functionality?

Edit: this is in an EVE lab.

I figured this out. In eve, when you link them together it’s up/up regardless of the status of the other end.
If I delete the link or right click and disable it, the routes all work correctly.

That’s common on EVE , even if you don’t have any network connected it appears up/up , it could be improvement your scenery if you add failover feature :


it would give the ability to track when a next-hop if it’s not able to reach and can be removed from RIB .

I’ll look at that , thanks very much!

Edit: seems like a great feature but is in 1.4.

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