1.5-rolling: dynamic DNS on interface pppoe0 not working

Not sure if this is a bug or “by design”, here goes.
The following config is perfectly valid in 1.4:

    dns {
        dynamic {
            interface pppoe0 {
                service dyndns {
                    host-name foo.dyndns.org
                    login foo
                    password bar

In 1.5, the node dns dynamic interface is not available anymore. dns dynamic address is (dns: T5144: Modernize dynamic dns operation (round 2) by indrajitr · Pull Request #2005 · vyos/vyos-1x · GitHub). However, this leads to problems with PPPoE interfaces that aren’t up and available on boot: I get “config failed” and “Interface pppoe0 does not exist!” errors.

I could transform this to use web instead of address pppoe0 to pull the IP but maybe there are other options.

Hi @marc_s,

Indeed, validating for the actual interface was added a while back to prevent bogus configurations with Dynamic DNS. As you pointed out, using web usually leads to a more stable IP address lookup (and survives quite a few cases where the interface in question might not be up (or in transient states).

I’ll mention this situation in the documentation as well.

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