100% cpu and not responding, after restart login incorrect, after password reset config seems empty

Hi all,

I’m running /* Release version: 1.3-rolling-202003151839 */
I installed Vyos as VM on Proxmox the 19th of march. I was running/testdriving it now for about 4 days when all of a sudden my internet stopped while I was browsing. After checking my Vyos was unresponsive. Noticed in Proxmox that I had about 106% CPU usage. Was unable to log in on the console. Reset the Vyos VM, after it booted up again I was receiving login incorrect with my previously created admin user and also tried the default login. Proxmox VM tools where also showing that none of the interfaces had an IP. After resetting the password in password recovery mode I was able to log in again but the running config is empty (default). What could have happened here? I commit/save after every command. Pretty new to VyOS so I don’t know really where to look what happened. The show log seems to start from the moment I already followed the password reset. Looked at the config.boot.before_pwrecovery but that is also empty.



Did you ever save your config? Seems that you committed the config but not saved?

Correct, I Commit and Save

I just rebuilt the Vyos VM with all the needed config in there. I committed and saved, rebooted, powered off and powered on again and verified that my config is still in there.

I will have another try and move back to the Vyos as my active router. If this would happen again is there anything specific that I can check? Like specific files/logs on the Vyos? Until now I only know of the show log command and the files in the /config/ directory on the file system


You can check /var/log/ folder for log files, dmesg for kernel log.
If you really want to check, commit save your config and check if /config/config.boot has the correct config, the show config output should also be in config.boot. That will survive the boot.

Also what may happened, is that you booted from the live cd again maybe? unmount it before reboot…

I expect it needs to be something stupid like that…I will close this one and I know what to look for if it ever would happen again, thanks!

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