10G/40G/100G Router



Greetings all,

I am trying to build a router with potential routing capabilities at 100G, this is for a lab environment simulating private networks with QoS control. I am wondering if this is possible with VyOS? I have the network adapters and I am allocating a server now, is this possible and do I need specific hardware?

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Hello Nabil,
depends on use case, i aware about 10gb vyos boxes, but not about 40/100
Whan network adapter you plan to use?


Hello… I will be using the Chelsio T6 adapters.



I also have a similar question, it is what brought me to this forum. We have an existing IB infrastructure using Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI cards which incidentally also support 40GbE. I was thinking of Building a 10/40 GbE device to allow a smoother transition from IB. My main concern is drivers, in my reading so far I see that driver support can be an issue.


That will be not possible in 1.1.x
But something that can be tried on 1.2 latest builds

Another possible way is to use SR-IOV but this is also on 1.2


Hello EHamilton

A few years ago, I made Vyatta with Infiniband package. (IPoIB and IP Gateway. )
So you may build it by yourself.

Mr. Matsumoto wrote some instruction about it on the Vyatta forum.
Due to forum close, I can’t point you this thread page.

I also recommend you to try it on 1.2 latest builds too.

If you need more information about instruction, please let me know.

Hiroyuki Sato.


Any recommendations for server hardware?
I will test with 1.2.



Was about to ask the same thing, what adapters are you planning to use?