5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module


I just watched this video about adding 4 extra Gigabit Ethernet Ports to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4:

It looks like you just need a 4 port gigabit PCIe card and an adaptor, so that it can be plugged in to the Compute Module 4 IO Board.

Then add support for the PCIe card to Raspberry Pi Linux kernel…

Having spent a huge amount of time failing to build VyOS for 586, I don’t think I am about to attempt this myself… but it would be great to have an ARM distribution available.

Far more reason to bother, now that multiple gigabit ports are possible and as there is more ARM hardware around. Also Amazon EC2 A1 Instances anyone?

I love this idea, I think the ARM platform is coming into its own with the multiple maker groups now adding to the hardware ecosystem. My only question is what kind of throughput would we expect in this setup? Could it out perform a Celeron or Core i3? Once the CM4 platform is out the gate for a while, hopefully we could get someone to either make a more custom board with 5 NICs built-in, and all the peripherals removed, or at least shrink the PCB by removing the HDMI and GPIO but keep the PCIe slot.

Yes to a multi-NIC Raspberry Pi router Kickstarter :smiley: Hopefully with a serial console too. And rack mountable enclosure! And NICs that don’t need any special kernel modules.

In the video, I think he found he couldn’t get more than ~3Gbps through the Raspberry Pi and he wasn’t sure what the bottleneck was.

That is certainly more than I need for my home network…

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100% agree on Console needed. If someone would KS it, use Intel NICs, and I’d support it.

3 Gbps would be more than enough for my office and my clients needs. Heck, it’d run my data center rack without issues right now.

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Also a nice Option if you just need Ethernet-Ports…


Ah, nice! I wasn’t aware that there ware Banana Pis with lots of Ethernet NICs available.

I think I might wait for a ARM build of VyOS before I buy any hardware!