A question about Radius server!


How to assign a user to admin group while using Radius.

Radius works but when I log in


I can’t log in to configure mode !

How I Can change this ?

I really need your help

Best Regards

Hello @Zurattos ,

If you want to have admin users to authenticate via RADIUS it is essential to sent the Cisco-AV-Pair shell:priv-lvl=15 attribute. Without the attribute you will only get regular, non privilegued, system users.
Documentation for VyOS 1.4: https://docs.vyos.io/en/latest/configuration/system/login.html#radius

Hello @RyVolodya

Thanks for the answer I saw this already but I don’t get it !

What exactly should I do ?

Can you help me in this >?

You need to edit the response your RADIUS server sends back to include that attribute. It’s not a Vyos setting it’s a RADIUS attribute. If you’re not sure what a RADIUS attribute is then you should spend some time doing some more research on RADIUS and how it works.

@Zurattos Did you mange to find the information you needed?