A Shoutout to all Community Members!

Hey, VyOS Community! :tada:

Happy Friday! I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate each and every one of you who make up this incredible VyOS community. You are the real ROCKSTARS :star_struck: that keep this place buzzing with knowledge, support, and camaraderie.

In my 6 months on this journey with VyOS, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the dedication, expertise, and willingness to help that I’ve witnessed here :astonished:. Your passion for networking and your eagerness to lend a helping hand to fellow members is what truly makes this community shines! :star2:

From unraveling the mysteries of complex configurations to sharing ingenious workarounds, you all contribute to a treasure trove of networking wisdom that’s hard to find anywhere else. You’ve transformed the VyOS community into a hub of collaboration and growth.

So here’s to each of you, our VyOS ROCKSTARS! Keep shining bright, keep sharing your insights, and keep being the heartbeat of this amazing community. The networking world is better because of you all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

THANK YOU!! :pray: :100: