A way to install latest vyos on top of living debian system


I know the official way installing vyos is using ISO. But my situation is different. I have clean debian installed and reinstall is not my option (. Is there a way to install vyos on living system?

Thank you.

There is no any way to install the system.
Only reinstall.

Thank you, Viacheslav.

Is there a way to transfer currently installed vyos from one machine to another without using vyos install ISO? Mayby gzipping all files and moving to target?

If you have debian and it is impossible to reinstall the system, I can suggest installing some virtualization like libvirtd/kvm and installing VyOS as VM on the same host.

Installing the VyOS components on Debian is not possible in the way VyOS works. It is designed as a live distribution with overlay filesystems and also requires a custom Kernel with all our networking stuff.

It is possible to copy the /config folder from one VyOS installation to another to migrate the config. Simply delete the hw-id reference lines from /config/config.boot on the new system.

Thank you for your answers.

I am trying to install vyos in device with U-boot. Vendor gives a tools calles flexbuild.
It creates 3 components - bootpartition, vendor firmware, packed rootfs (filesystem from previously installed system)
I’ve managed to install debian 10 OS by packing filesystem from previously installed debian instance.
But I have no idea how to create packed rootfs from installed vyos. Is it possible to recreate filesystem structure of vyos and boot it?