About ARP table


I have a question.

How long the time does vyos hold arp table?

I want to know the time to flush arp table.


It’s probably the same as Debian, which Googling says defaults to 60 seconds and is set by the gc_stale_time sysctl.
No idea if that’s correct or how to flush it.

vyos@sh-bdr-vyfw:~$ cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/neigh/eth1/gc_stale_time 60

Thank you for your reply.

I understood that there are no functions about arp flush.


@ktty-kws @jspace
Sorry about late answer, but you can delete arp entries like this:

sudo ip neigh del dev eth1.58

for example.

Not sure if its possible to delet all at once.

arp -i -d IP_address would work too

You can flush the entire table using the ip command.

ip -s -s neigh flush all

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