Accel-ppp re-dial pppoe after commit Talks accel-ppp

Hi all,

is there really a bug in accel-ppp ?

after i commit pppoe server configuration, all pppoe sessions reconnect, any solution?

hi @nasrultkj2
yes, this is an upstream bug. it’s on the documentation: PPPoE Server — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation


In this case, i use vyos 1.4. So currently there is no solution/path ?

no, not yet. but, as a workaround you can put 2 or more PPPoE servers to load balance the sessions, so you can restart one while the other is serving.

2 PPPoE server in 1 device vyos ?

2 PPPoE servers on 2 devices.

I will try it.

Is there a possibility that it will be resolved in the last version?