Access to internet issue

Hello guys,

I’m actually facing to internet issue on my VYOS Lab, after configuring my WAN IP and my LAN, I can’t ping anything on the internet.
I’ve done to add name server
set system name-server
set system name-server
I can ping my router and any IP under this VLAN but no internet under VYOS.
Of course all VM can access to internet without issue with router direct access.
Please if anyone can help me, and thanks a lot for assist

Hello @andoniaina , it seems that you need to configure NAT from your LAN to WAN network, or routing between your VyOS device and WAN gateway device + allow to NAT your LAN network on that device. Check this documentation if you’re using VyOS 1.3 or actual one for your version.

Thank your for your return, can you please share me more details about this workaround? I don’t know what exactly you want that I do :smiley: I’m really beginner with VYOS, I copy and paste default script from tutorial on the internet and I don’t know from this moment how to resolve it.
set interfaces ethernet eth0 address
set interfaces ethernet eth0 description WAN
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address
set interfaces ethernet eth1 description LAN
set nat source rule 10 description NAT-LAN-TO-WAN
set nat source rule 10 outbound-interface eth0
set nat source rule 10 source address
set nat source rule 10 translation address masquerade



it seems that you need to configure a Default Route , so with this setting you are able to research the internet(if nothing block it) . it should be something like this:

set protocols static route next-hop

then commit and save the configuration.

Hi Fernando,
Great thanks for this purpose, the internet is now working, I don’t understand how these guys realize tutorial without this config line and say that internet work correctly.
It’s definitively resolve my issue and thank you again for all help.

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If you use DHCP on the WAN interface it handles this step for you (I’ve never had to set a static route for this). I think DHCP on WAN is pretty common for a lot of setups.

Yes perhaps for DHCP, but I can’t set my wan to dhcp because after my lab is correctly done I’ll change it to Public IP address so I test it first on static IP.
But this help work correctly for my case