Access to LTS release for a educational project

Hi there!

About three weeks ago, I filled out the contact form for access to the LTS release for educational purposes and unfortunately didn’t get a response until now, so I thought I start a new conversation here.

To don’t get into too much detail right away, I am working for a munipical company and am the project lead for building a centralized network for all 32 schools of the city of Kaiserslautern, germany. We are currently in a ‘proof of concept’ phase with three schools and using pfSense as a router/firewall appliance. I only recently became aware of the existence of VyOS and, having used Vyatta and EdgeOS in the past, I think that it is a much better fit for our needs.

Currently, I’m evaluating some basic functionalities with the rolling release and it’s looking really promising, but would love to get a official response in terms of it is possible to get access to the LTS release for this project. Thanks in advance!

Hello Michael, thanks for the follow-up!

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I sent you a message just now regarding your request. Please, check your inbox.

Hi Roman,

thanks a lot! I got the mail and will follow the instructions.