Acronis Backup Agent needs kernel headers

I want to integrate a VM running VyOS into Acronis Backup (cloud).
For this to work i need to install a “agent” provided by Acronis.
For this to work the installer needs the kernel headers.
How can i provide the kernel headers for the installer?

Without i get following error message:
“failed to build the SnapAPI kernel module. Operations with disk-level backups will not be available.”

Thank you for you effort.

Depending on what version you are using, you can get it durectly from github:

Or from for current, of for crux.

Thank you very much indeed.
I wanted to be able to insert repos into sources.list.
Thanks for the help.

Please keep in mind that using repos is not officially supported anymore, OS updates and the such are being distributed via the iso. But apt-get install will still work though, but use it at your own risk.

Thank you for the advice. I did actually download the .deb and used dpkg. It was perfectly fine and the agent software is running well.

Thank you again for your help.

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