Add kvm (Qemu) guest agent to Vyos ISO

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Because Vyos is primary a cloud/VM based Firewall/router, it would be nice that you integrate the standard VM tools like qemu/kvm tools.

Now Proxmox say this:


Agree. We already have all the drivers required for KVM, but it never hurts to make it play with hypervisors even more nicely, and we already have open-vm-tools for VMware too.

Also, curiously, it’s a popular opinion among virtualization enthusiasts like myself that VyOS is primarily a cloud/VM router, but the poll we once made said otherwise: more than a half of reported VyOS installations were on bare metal.

If we get to finally implementing anonymous reporting, it’s interesting what the picture will be (though we cannot know if there’s any bias towards or against enabling anonymous reporting among bare metal vs. virtualized users).

@vamp: Progress tracked via ⚓ T610 Add qemu-guest-agent into VyOS ISO.

Great, thanks the info!

latest rollling ISO:


Nice, thanks guys!

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