Adventures with the Parttaker B5 (


Partaker B5 Fanless PCIntel Celeron N3150 CPU
Type: Mini PC
Brand Name: Partaker
Processor Model: N3150
Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Memory: 4GB
Lan Ports: 2x Realtec 1GB/s
Wireless:300M Wifi with dual antennas

Working version: vyos-999.201702272137-amd64.iso (any beta release)

Aliexpress link:

Bios: Disable secure-boot

The machine comes with a single USB controler (xhci) disabling this will disable ALL USB ports, therefor do not do this, there is after no way to enter the bios, use keyboard or anything, I had to hard reset the bios by removing the battery. Because of this problem non of the current stable versions will work as they wont boot due to the USB Controller.

Booting from the downloaded ISO you can start with the normal boot option from the grub menu, Installation was not as straight forward as I hoped though it required some fiddling.

By default using the ‘install image’ option and using defaults (auto partitioning, install on sda) the grub installer will fail, without a message. What I required to do here was manualy created the partition with parted. Use the following settings:

after logging in to the system.

$ sudo -i


// use ‘print’ to find partitions
(parted) print

// remove any partitions
(parted) rm 1

// create the required partition (full size), important to start at sector 2048. Usually that is for alignment purposes, but grub2 also requires the extra space after MBR.
(parted) mkpart primary ext4 2048s 100%

(parted) quit

after this, I did ‘install image’ and skipped the partition section, leave the rest default.

Reboot !!

I was able to do basic configuration on the system, both ethernet interfaces work, the wifi however had some problems, first of all in the beta version of VyOS /usr/sbin/iw is no longer valid, instead it is /sbin/iw. this error can simply be solved for now by making a simlink #sudo ln -s /sbin/iw /usr/sbin/iw However it seems the wireless card that came with this machine does not have AP support. Luck may vary on these chines machines but for me, unlucky.

I will (given I have more time to play) update this tread with more info when I come across it.

Thanks for feedback,
this really important!
Good catch about iw, maybe it make sense to create ticket at about this

Thank you syncer, I will. In the meantime I have also determined the wifi card inside should support AP mode, but vyOS does not like it :wink: if I can figure it out I will obviously also let this know, I think this is important in the community :slight_smile: