All specific vyos commands are invalid

Hi All

If i will use any vyos command the respons will be like:
vyos@router.100:/usr/local/bin$ show

Invalid command: [show]
Any solution?
It’s vyos 1.3 but i can’t invoke show version…

Hello @BIT2GB, how you reach this? Did you run some sudo commands?
Could you show echo $SHELL output.


vyos@router.100:~$ echo SHELL /bin/vbash vyos@router.100:~

And when we login to ssh it takes 60-90 secands to prompt password

1.4-rolling-202102250218 took it from config.boot

I rebooted the router, dead.

I took config.boot file from it before rebooting, if i reinstall it and replace the file it will be ok ?

Hello @CristianD , please describe reproducing steps in detail. I still can not repeat this situation. Also it will be helpful to get your configuration commands (just stripe private data)

show configuration commands | strip-private 

im not able to access the router any more it just get stuck on the image i sended.

on the router we didnt made any changes, i even check all logs before rebooting, nothink

You can try to choose an older image from the GRUB menu and boot router

How i can use any other old image cuz i have just one

Here will be a picture

I had reinstalled vyos and chose to import the config and now i see this on the configure

set protocols bgp local-as ‘33XXX’

where 33XXX is ower AS Number, is this new ? i dont know how it get there

And i get this

vyos@router.100# set interfaces ethernet eth5 disable-flow-control
vyos@router.100# commit
could not set flowcontrol for eth5

And when we login to ssh it takes 60-90 secands to prompt password

Regarding this, after i delete

vyos@router.100# delete system name-server
vyos@router.100# delete system name-server

worked again as it should work

i put back only and not even ping or curl, mtr not working

if you’ve updated by using this (add system image you’d see the previous version you was from the GRUB loader if you downloaded iso from the site installed it as fresh you won’t be able to surely VyOS has archives of older version Staff could correct me if anything is wrong with my reply.

From here i took the image

But still have this errors