Amazon-ssm-agent service keeps disconnecting from AWS



Recently my coworkers and I started to put all of our on prem servers and AWS instances into Amazon’s System Manager, so that we could more easily update our servers. Two of the AWS instances are running VyOS and I am having trouble keeping the Amazon-SSM-Agent running. It will disconnect, then I log in and run amazon-ssm-agent restart, and it restarts, but a short time later is disconnected again. We are using VyOS version 1.1.8, has anyone done this before? Or have any idea what might be causing this?


do you have logs from ssm-agent?
it’s likely crashing but we need to know why


I do but it won’t let me upload attachments cause I am a new user :confused: I could paste it here if that works, but it’s long.

#4 Here is a patebin link with the log file in it.