Annoucing packer-vyos a packer build for vyos

I finished the packer-vyos builder:

It runs in two stages:

  • vyos-image1.pkr.hcl: Uses vyos.iso as the source and builds vyos.qcow2 as the output. It installs using the VyOS installer.
  • vyos-image2.pkr.hcl: Boots using the previous vyos.qcow2 and customizes the VyOS image.

Some features:

  • cloud-init
  • apt install
  • GRUB serial configuration
  • qemu-guest-agent installation
  • Custom VyOS configuration

I am currently testing and cleaning up the build. You can preview it now.

My setup:

  • Images built and tested on Proxmox
  • Builder using a VM running Ubuntu 24 with cpu=host
  • VyOS used for testing: LTS VyOS 1.3.6 (should work with 1.4.0)
  • Packer builder: QEMU

Feel free to check it out and provide feedback!


Duplicate with this project GitHub - vyos/vyos-vm-images

Hi, packer-vyos is not duplacated with GitHub - vyos/vyos-vm-images

  • vyos-vm-images is archived, it is not maintened anymore
  • I started to work on packer-vyos when I found vyos-vm-images had some bugs on 1.4.0-epa
  • ansible is amazing but it is not packer, packer had automations and plugins specific for packing iso into server images
  • packer-vyos has low vyos release specific code, so it will work easier between vyos versions than ansible one
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