Announce 2 IP from 2 ASN within one vyos

Hi Is there any workaround for doing announcing 2 ip from 2 asn in one vyos.
Example :
i got Prefix : x.x.x.x/x for AS ‘1’ and y.y.y.y/y for AS ‘2’
and i want to announce both prefix from each AS within one vyos. is it possible for doing this one ?

Using : Vyos 1.3

Thank you

it’s possible to change some BGP attributes, there is something not so clear in your comment (if you have two different local-as or two remote-as) . if you have two different local as , you should try something like this :

or just to create a route-policy, where you should play with BGP attributes to announce those prefixes .

Hi @fernando thank you for your reply. Yes what i mean is two local as in one VYOS to one upstream / remote-as.

Use parameter “local-as xxx” for the peer

so we need to have 2 peer in our vyos right ? one is the native asn , one peer is using local-as one ?

Thank you

afaik: peering setup uses local and remote AS. Since you have 2 AS numbers, you need to peer twice.
Which might work to same remote peer

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