Ansible vyos_config module, anyway to print out list of commands only?

I have been using the vyos_config ansible module for a while now.

it works well, however I abstract my configurations quite a bit.
Is there anyway I can have the module just print out the config list of commands I have in non abstracted form? Think of this as a “testing” mode or “dry run” so it just shows the commands but doesn’t do any actual work.

I tried using --check but it does not show anything. The only time I can see the actual commands non abstracted is if -v is used and there is an error.

Can anyone help?

What about vyos.vyos.vyos_command? It shows config on the VyOS
Or do you need to show what you will configure?

display_args_to_stdout = True

I need to show what I will configure.
Also I am not sure how to use the dispaly_args_to_stdout where and how is that used?

It is ansible.cfg option

You should use the ansible.builtin.template task to render out a file containing the commands you want, then have the vyos.vyos.vyos_config module use that rendered out file as the src

You can have a tag like render_only or something that would run a ansible.builtin.meta task to end the play before getting to the vyos_config task

    - name: End play when render_only
      ansible.builtin.meta: end_play
      tags: [never, render_only]