Are the a way to make a config backup file in Vyos, something like Mikrotik's backups files?

Thats it pretty much. Ive been in trouble with Vyos as BGP and every time problems happened, they were disk-related. So I had to format the disk, reinstall the Vyos using its image burned in a CD, and then manually imputing the “running config” (that we saved into a text file but cant import into the new installation just pasting it there).

Im trying to find something that gives me some cover in the case I have disk problems with it again. At first I was thinking about making a full image of its disk right after finishing configuring the whole BGP but thats not only a very slow procedure to do on a machine that needs to get back to work asap (~1000 clients depends on it), its also a solution that would end up with me having a backup that would eventually get outdated and I’d have to rewrite a lot of its configuration if someday I replace the original disk with the cloned one.

Any very obvious way to do backups of the Vyos that Im not aware of? Its hard to believe that the system cant have its whole configuration saved and loaded back into a new installation with a few commands. Every system out there have such options.

Hello @GregGreg, you can use the following command and protocols to save config

vyos@vyos# save 
Possible completions:
  <Enter>				Save to system config file
  <file>				Save to file on local machine
  scp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>:/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  sftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  ftp://<user>:<passwd>@<host>/<file>	Save to file on remote machine
  tftp://<host>/<file>			Save to file on remote machine

With command show configuration command VyOS router just display commands.
If you need to load configuration, just use load command

vyos@vyos# load 
Possible completions:
  <Enter>					Load from system config file
  <file>					Load from file on local machine
  scp://<user>[:<passwd>]@<host>:/<file>		Load from file on remote machine
  sftp://<user>[:<passwd>]@<host>/<file>	Load from file on remote machine
  http://<host>/<file>				Load from file on remote machine
  https://<host>/<file>				Load from file on remote machine
  ftp://<user>[:<passwd>]@<host>/<file>		Load from file on remote machine
  tftp://<host>/<file>				Load from file on remote machine

If you want to save config every time on commit command to remote storage, you need to configure commit-archive

vyos@vyos# set system config-management commit-archive 
Possible completions:
+  location     Commit archive location
                Source address or interface for archive server connections

I use "copy on commit at home.
Every time I type “commit” it ships a copy of the config file off to a scp server.
It’s great, no matter what happens I can always restore a config file.

tim@ferrari# show system config-management
 commit-archive {
     location scp://username:password@remote.system.hostname/remote/folder/to/store/router-configs/
     source-address x.x.x.x
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