Are there more [undocumented] reverse-proxy options?

Going through the reverse proxy options, they seem eerily similar to HAProxy’s. As if it were the backend for the feature. It’s noted the documentation isn’t complete yet too, so,

Among the missing things, are there any option to manipulate headers? For instance, to inject a CSP in the proxied web traffic.

I tried setting up a proxy (service+backend) to unveil more options to ⇥-complete as I went, but maybe that’s not added into the code yet and I have to manually type in the commands, I figured.

Or alternatively, if it’s indeed HAProxy and the options aren’t there, could I get access the config file directly? I don’t suppose a non-root account would have enough privileges to access it over SFTP, right? Can I get to a bash prompt, maybe?

I guess that’s it. Thanks!

Which exact option do you need?
You can find generated options in the file


If some options are not implemented create a feature request on