ARTICLE: Scalable and Secure VxLAN Multisite using NetBird

I’m starting a new series where I build VxLAN as a multi-tenant, multisite solution using WireGuard by way of NetBird. I intend for this to be at a minimum a 4 part series, covering:

  • L3VPN
  • L2VPN
  • Multitenancy
  • Microsegmentation

I may come up with additional ideas as I write the articles, but also feel free to make requests/recommendations if there’s something you want to see covered.

Here is part 1 of the series, where I go over the initial configuration and basic single tenant L3VPN.


Great stuff @L0crian! Thank you for sharing your exciting new series! Building a VxLAN multi-tenant, multisite solution using WireGuard through NetBird sounds like a fascinating project. Your plan to cover topics such as L3VPN, L2VPN, Multitenancy, and Microsegmentation over a series of articles is incredibly valuable for those interested in network architecture.

I’ve just read Part 1 of your series and found the initial configuration and single tenant L3VPN overview very insightful. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community!


Here is part 2 of this series, where I cover adding L2VPN functionality to this solution: