AS-PATH Prepend with Azure Active-Active Tunnels

Hi Team,

I have vyos 1.2.8 and have two ISPs configured on on-prem Vyos. From there I have setup two A/A site2site tunnels with Azure. And this is BGP over IPsec using VTI
On vyos my vtis are &
While at Azure end &

The subnet for on-prem network is while at Azure Vnet is 10.1144.0/22

Now I have been asked by Azure team to add AS-PATH Prepend and I have below questions/confusion.

  • This AS-PATH Prepend is going to be Import or export?
  • I need to keep vti2 as my secondary link hence I am creating a route-map for neighbor
  • Or will that be applied to

Can someone please help me on this?

Is this what is needed?

set policy route-map add44Inboundweight rule 10 action permit
set policy route-map add44Inboundweight rule 10 set as-path-prepend '65002 65002'
set protocols bgp 65001 neighbor address-family ipv4-unicast route-map import add44Inboundweight

For import I’m using local-pref, for export as path prepend

Thanks for the reply.

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