Backing up vyos config and creating a new router using it


As the title states I would like to save my config and then use it to make new routers like a batch file.

So far I have used putty to tunnel in to my router and entered ‘show configuration commands’. I can then copy these commands out but I am then unsure how I would apply them without retyping them all into my new router.

Sorry I am sure this is a very easy thing to do but I havent been able to find full info on it.

Thanks for any help and I apologise for my lack of knowledge!


I never copy config.boot. I always do this on the source machine:

/opt/vyatta/sbin/ >setcmds.txt

Then copy to the new vyos install and edit the file replacing or deleting machine specific commands like hostname, local fw zone name, etc.
Then I do “configure” to enter configuration mode, then “source setcmds.txt” and it will load everything and you can “commit”

If you have a ton of set commands you can break it out into sections doing the ‘set firewall’ first, then ‘set policy’, etc. until you’re done


Great, thank you for your help!


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