Bandwidth limit

Hello, any one help me to set the bandwidth in network and each ip should have 10mb bandwidth as mikrotik PCQ

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Arun Tamrakar

Take a look at this first: Vyos per ip bandwidth limiting - #10 by linuxpkr
It should answer your question.

i could not found it , i need each ip should have equal bandwidth as 10 mb

no answer found yet , is there not any feature as pcq in vyos ???

It isn’t supported on any Linux platform. The TC filter doesn’t have this.
I.e., you can set IP per CLASS with your own limits, but it is not dynamic (for connected static addresses).
It could be archived with the BNG feature.

afaik, Mikrotik is Linux too
Does this resemble PCQ?
Hashing filters for very fast massive filtering (

I guess they implemented it own way
Maybe some smart scripts over tc or their own features

it means we cant set the bandwidth in vyos system per connection in network


hello sir, i wants to use voys in my isp as bandwidth manager and since 2 year i am trying to fix some issues , i need that bandwidth limit with equal users in same network as mikrotik pcq. As you told there TC is not supported by Vyos , is there any way to use the Traffic limiting method as PCQ please help me . since two year ima just searching this solution and i could not found the exact answer from any one . if possible send me example
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Arun Tamrakar
Vyos User

TC is supported by VyOS but PCQ doesnt seem to exist I think is the answer.

What is it you want to do?

Limit bandwidth per IP address (client IP) ?

The is the task ⚓ T6338 Ability to use per-user traffic shaper or policy limits based on the network

we have the network and want to limit each IP address in the network to 10mbit.