Barre metal / chassis for vyos

Hello I’m looking for a chassis adapted for vyos with SFP+ I saw that supermicro has some with two SFP+ and 6 copper but I’m looking for much more SFP if possible all the ports in SFP and SFP+.
I am open to supermicro references or other manufacturers
Thank you in advance
I also need 8 full table BGP sessions. How many ram do you recommend?

I have not prepared SFP+ and BGP protocol chassis, so I can’t give you a better opinion, but I can tell you one thing, low-power devices usually have limited computing power. If you plan to use small devices as vyos hardware, Please pay attention to the CPU frequency and TDP limits. As for the physical memory, I personally prefer the bigger the better if conditions permit (the network running the BGP protocol is usually not small, unless you are interested in learning to deploy )

I plan to put at least a 4 core - 8 thread xeon and high frequency DDR4
if possible and that the chassis supports xeon 8 core it will be 8 core

Yes, since there is a plan, let’s try it. Do you plan to use ITX motherboards and low-power CPUs? Please consider both TDP and power consumption indicators

I plan to use a rack 1U format like supermicro 5018

Come on, I look forward to your success

Are you looking for a large/service-provider-scale deployment? If you’re looking for quantity and need some customization, Silicom Ltd. might be able to help you out. However, I don’t know if they officially support VyOS.

i some ok experience with lanner

they have a huge amount of stuff, big medium and small. i would always recommend a IPMI card for management. I have the NCA-2512 with 4 SFP+ modules, and a optional extension slot

do you have the price for this ?

i think i got one for round about 1000 Euro but without RAM and SSD.
But i don’t know the list price