Best place to report accel-ppp issues?

Where is the “official” best place to report accel-ppp issues, often not specific to VyOS only? There are at least two accel-ppp repos on github, one forked from the other, each with recent activity in its own issue tracker, and then there is also and a forum. I’m testing it on a small local ISP network, with two PPPoE servers at different locations, mix of all sorts of PPPoE clients with different bugs (Bring Your Own Router, including broken ones like the infamous Phicomm KE2M), and starting to deploy IPv6 on top of that (migrated from MikroTik, tired of waiting a few years for them to implement Delegated-IPv6-Prefix for PPPoE server - works fine as a client). As you can imagine, there is potential for many issues…

I would say either at Issues · accel-ppp/accel-ppp · GitHub or at the phabricator link you posted.

Hi @marekm72, I think better to use