Best production site to site bridge?

There are a few good looking options these days in VyOS for site to site bridging. What’s the general feeling as the best way to bridge multiple sites for routing? Encryption being unnecessary.

Thanks for your thoughts!

ipsec site-to-site vpn works great for this
you can always use GRE if you don’t care about encryption
i use openvpn more for remote access vpn, but it can also be used to bridge sites


VyOS comes with L2TPv3:
l2tpethX can be bridged with bridge-group bridge brX interface, this will facilitate Layer 2 (L2) in bridging mode.
We can then add any interfaces(eth, vlan) to bridge brX to complete the layer 2.

If you have multiple sites, there is a full mesh Layer 2, based on VyOS.