Best SOHO Hardware

Hi All,

Just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on SOHO hardware for VyOS.
I currently use VyOS ontop of ESXi at Home for my Home Office Router, however - would like to get it off the ESXi host and onto it’s own hardware.

Would want something which is small, rack able - perhaps similar to the Sophos SG 115 hardware. Anyone know a provider which, or perhaps something similar on Alibaba/Amazon etc. Would like to know if anyone has any actual hands-on experience with some hardware, and what people suggest.

~Oliver device works great for me for more than one year. And we support them officially

Personally I use both Supermicro Atom C3000 and APU4C4 boards. See bare metal section

I’ve just put 3 systems in using these: and an add-on 4 x 10Gb SFP Pci-e card

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