BFD and Graceful Restart with BGP

Prior to configuring BFD I wanted to ensure that BGP Graceful Restart was disabled however I have not found a way to do that with Vyos. I would expect this setting to be something like ‘set protocols bgp AS# neighbor disable-graceful-restart’. Is there some way to do this or am I misunderstanding its necessity?

Example From Research
“BFD and BGP Graceful Restart capability cannot both be configured on a router running BGP”

I’m pretty sure you can configure BFD just fine for BGP without worry about Graceful Restart.

My advice would be to lab it first to make sure!

I will do some testing in a lab. If its not a feature that is available then I think it would be a good one to add. That way you can negotiate to prevent BGP peers forwarding traffic to stale routes.