BGP - Asterisk problem



Since last week I have a problem with very low quality of VoIP calls. There is roaring in most of calls, but when someone calls back again the problem disappears.

I have PBX asterisk in version 1.6 and router vyatta in version VC6.6R1 with BGP from two internet providers, one path is a preferred one. The configuration of asterisk and vyatta hasn’t been modified for the last 6 months and everything worked well.

My VoIP provide says that the reasons of low quality calls are that:

  1. the traffic network is multipath and switched between the two links, the RTP stream disappears on my side and that SIP ALG is enabled. I have already turned off the SIP ALG but there was no effect.

If somebody could help me I would appreciate it.



First thing, to make sure you are troubleshooting the correct piece of the puzzle, what does “roaring” mean? The more specific you can be about the problem, the better.


Please copy your SIP ALG conf. In my company sometimes i must restart conntrack-sync between two main links (vpn ipsec point to point connection, via optic fiber) when link is down.

Command to restart:

This is my SIP ALG conf:

But when sip is comming out to remote provider, we route sip connection via cisco router with option:

Beacouse we loose connection with external provider (in/out call) when traffic comming out witch vyos

Also you may analyze packet with wireshark and check: jitter and RTP lose,check routing in booth sites, change sip client (like a microsip, 3cx) and in asterisk configure in test sip account codec to ulaw,alaw and delete gsm coddec.