BGP basic setup to announce subnet to one and two upstreams

Hi all,

are there a basic howto to announce with BGP a couple of /24 to one upstream?
Then some instructions on adding a second upstream?

Thank you!

There are some examples here: BGP — VyOS 1.4.x (sagitta) documentation

Just replicate and modify your config for more upstreams.

Thanks. Useful to start, but in the example there is only one basic connection. Any other useful example? It would be useful to have a blueprint with two upstreams and basic path selection.

When you have two or more upstreams the BGP protocol will automatically select the best route.

You can change what routes are being selected as best using import route-maps to set the local-pref.

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in our configuration blueprints , there are many different example . someone of them can be suitable for you:

Unless you enable ECMP and multipath.