BGP commands in Vyos equivalent to actual routers

I am using Vyos 1.3.x version

I have three questions:-

  1. In a regular BGP configuration, we use

neighbor 2001:db8:0:12::1 activate

command to activate the connection. I did not find any such configuration in Vyos BGP manual. Is there any equivalent command for it in Vyos or we just don’t need it?

  1. We can specify

bgp listen range

listen-range command in other BGP configuration. Is there any equivalent command in Vyos?

I was able to find filter-list and other route filtering option. But I was not able to find
as-path access list specification.

ip as-path access-list 1 deny .*

Is there any equivalent commands in Vyos?

Hi @qwerty,
The command is not required
VyOS have listen range in 1.4:
set protocols bgp listen range peer-group BGP_EXT
VyOS has several route filtering tools, including filter-list:
set protocols bgp 65000 neighbor address-family ipv4-unicast <TOOL>
You can use one of the following TOOLs:
distribute-list - Access-list to filter IPv4-route updates to/from this neighbor
filter-list - As-path-list to filter IPv4-route updates to/from this neighbor
prefix-list - IPv4-Prefix-list to filter route updates to/from this neighbor
route-map - Route-map to filter IPv4-route updates to/from this neighbor
unsuppress-map - Route-map to selectively unsuppress suppressed IPv4-routes
remove-private-as - Remove private AS numbers from AS path in outbound IPv4-route updates
allowas-in - Accept a IPv4-route that contains the local-AS in the as-path
as-override - AS for routes sent to this neighbor to be the local AS

For AS-Path see manual:

Thanks @Nikolay for quick reply.
This helps!!

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