BGP configuration issues -Listen range and peer group (Vyos 1.3)


There are two questions

I know the BGP listen range option is not there in Vyos1.3 but what is the workaround for it?

I have many IP addresses and cant go without listen range.

Do you guys recommend directly accessing FRR to setup BGP listen range? Will there be any problem?
Some configuration on Vyos and another on FRR directly. I am not sure how it work.
This will be implemented on Production so just wanted to make sure if its fine.

Is there any other option?

  1. Can we specify peer group in BGP configuration. Is the command available for Vyos1.3?


Hi @qwerty,

  1. BGP listen range feature available on VyOS 1.4
    direct FRR setup is not recommended (For example, the settings will not be saved on reboot)
  2. BGP peer groups are available in VyOS:
    BGP — VyOS 1.3.x (equuleus) documentation

Is 1.4 recommended for production setup? Also I didnt see qcow2 image for 1.4