BGP Crash and sessio missing


We’ve 2 VYOS with BGP for IX session, only one have a problem, both have the same version and configuration(Ip adreess and Neighbor is diferente).

Last weeks we have 2 crash in BGP “pid” and the session missed, to solved i restart the router (we need backup the traffic).

The CPU and RAM using is fine, I checked the SNMP “bug”.

My Vyos version
sh system image
The system currently has the following image(s) installed:

1: 1.3-rolling-202005100117 (default boot)

LOG frr:
Jun 21 01:38:51 B2-ASAP-PRD watchfrr[1122]: [EC 268435457] bgpd state -> down : unexpected read error: Connection reset by peer
Jun 21 01:38:56 B2-ASAP-PRD watchfrr[1122]: [EC 100663303] Forked background command [pid 27145]: /usr/lib/frr/ restart bgpd
Jun 21 01:38:57 B2-ASAP-PRD watchfrr[1122]: bgpd state -> up : connect succeeded
Jun 22 00:36:09 B2-ASAP-PRD watchfrr[1145]: [EC 268435457] bgpd state -> down : initial connection attempt failed
Jun 22 00:36:12 B2-ASAP-PRD watchfrr[1145]: bgpd state -> up : connect succeeded
I know… we need more information, but i don’t know “what” get.

Hi @andre.bolzan
Do you use fullview and ipv6 fullview?

I don’t have sure what is “fullView”.
We using the Vyos in “normally” interface, I was get FRR log because i know this is a responsible to provide BGP “service” and the comando “sho log” not show anyting about BGP.

I’ll update the last rolling version: