Bgp full view + snmp


how can I filter routing information in snmp, because snmpd process stucks under heavy load. I need something like this in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

view monview included .
view monview excluded .
view monview excluded .

I tried to archive this in vyos but unsuccessfull. There is keyword exclude in vyos snmp view command,
but it does not work.

set service snm v3 view monview exclude

does not produce any excludes in snmpd.conf.
Is there any way to configure oid exclusions in vyos ?

vyos version - 1.3-rolling-202010120955

Can you try edit that file and add next lines

# Remove ipRouteTable from view 
view all excluded . 
# Remove ipCidrRouteTable from view 
view all excluded . 

Save it and restart snmp

sudo systemctl restart snmpd

Sure, I can do this and I think that this solution will work.
But the question was - can I make exclusion from vyos cli anyway ?

Thanks for question.
I created a bug report for it