BGP syntax issue for route-reflector-client

Hi all,

I’m working my way through the Manito Networks CompTIA Network+ Routing Labs in preparation for my exam, which uses VyOS as the virtual router. This is great, of course, as an option for learning routing using VyOS instead of Cisco. Highly recommended!

The material uses VyOS 1.1.8, which is quite dated at this point, so I’m trying to do it with a current rolling release. I’m through nearly everything (static, RIPv2, single area OSPF, multi-area OSPF) and it’s been great, but just got snagged on iBGP when trying to configure a neighbor route reflection.

The code I’m trying to add is in a snippet here (the forum topic editor keeps messing up the format), and starts complaining specifically when I get to

set neighbor route-reflector-client

with the error message of

Configuration path: neighbor [route-reflector-client] is not valid
Set failed

I checked the Vyatta reference documentation and this appears to be correct, so perhaps something changed since the 1.1.8 release?

I’m still learning BGP, particularly in VyOS, so am stuck trying to finish the lab :sweat:

Any help is appreciated!


i’m never look into the route reflector config. But in Rolling it is under:

set protocols bgp AS neighbor x.x.x.x address-family ipv4-unicast route-server-client
set protocols bgp AS neighbor x.x.x.x address-family ipv6-unicast route-server-client

hope this helps. And good luck in your exams

Thanks for suggestion. I’ll test it out and report back.

@rob you were right; instead of

[edit protocols bgp 65536]
set neighbor route-reflector-client

it is

[edit protocols bgp 65536]
set neighbor address-family ipv4-unicast route-reflector-client
set neighbor update-source br0

The configs now essentially “match” the lab, but none of the routers are communicating. I’m going to reach out to the author to see if he’ll release an errata so that Vyos 1.2 will now work.

As I said, this guide is a great resource to get started with routing and VyOS, but using 1.1.8 is too dated; some things have clearly changed, at least within BGP.