BGP vs / and OSPF setup


I’m thinking about a setup where I have some root server runing proxmox and a lab. The lab has to ISP uplinks. I would like to connect the proxmox cluster (which consists of root server) to the lab.

I was thinking about running in the lab and in the proxmox cluster (root server) OSPF and use eBGP as the routing between the two ospf areas.

What I’m not shure about. Should I setup ex root server with it’s own vyos building two ipsec tunnel (vti) to the lab of is there a better way of doing this.

The root server have a fix ipv4 and a /29 IPv4 network dedicated to them. I would like to assign the /29 IPs to Service on the vms and one on the vyos router.

Maybe we can discuss here some idear how to best set this up. I have come accross this Dual-Hub DMVPN with VyOS and was thinking if this is a nice way to setup the root server as spoke.

Hope for some idears.

if our environment we use VyOS or another vendor that supports Wireguard , I prefere wireguard to create Hub and Spoke architecture , if we need more granulation and different types of balancing method , bgp is the good one on those requirements.

It would be start on the green field, and everything will be vyos LTS.

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