BOND & Bridges get together?

Hi Volks

I have a general question regarding Bonding and Bridges in Vyos.

if its possible to Bond two or more Interfaces with LACP for example and assigne these Bond to a Bridge with other Bonds or Interfaces which are in that Bridge?

Thanks in advice

Why do you want to bridge in the router when you have switches? (just a reference to your question about stacking…)

I have a similar project in my head, (my reason) would be to have a router and switch on the same machine.

Let’s say I want to build a powerful enough Router to handle Gigabit connectivity and QoS at the same time, I need to do it myself :slight_smile:

eth0 - WAN

bond0 (eth1 - eth2 - eth3 - eth4)

eth1 — going to dumb 8 ports switch

eth2 to eth4 — LACP to Server

I don’t care if it needs a Quad-Core Xeon, can it be done? :wink: