Boot fails after update

I have a rolling version from May (installed on 3.5" HDD, Supermicro E3-1200 v2 mobo/CPU) . I installed updates via apt (force of habit) and when I restarted I got the boot failure errors listed below. Any ideas how to fix this? Or at least avoid having to start all over and manually re-configure everything?


This Live System image failed to boot.


Unable to find a medium containing a live file system

It seems that it is mandatory to use add system image to upgrade (it is not recommended to use apt to update, it may damage the system)

I see. After this error message, I’m dropped to what I guess is the fail safe shell with “(initramfs)” at the prompt. How do I recover my May 2020 installation of vyos?

Only reinstall. And read documentation before upgrade. :slight_smile:

I understand. I use several packages for troubleshooting (iperf, bmon, htop, stress-ng, etc.), so I sometimes run apt upgrade. That was the first time in 2 years something broke, so I mistakenly got the impression it was okay to do.

As for the issue at hand - I reinstalled as suggested. I simply copied the meat of the config.boot file (assigned IP, interface re-assignments and bridge interface) from the old installation (that was no longer booting) to the new installation. Rebooted and everything worked like before.

Thanks everyone for all the help!

P.S. - I’m using VyOS as a 40 Gbe switch, so my config is pretty minimal and easy to restore

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