Booting live ISO with specific default config.boot file

Hi All
I’m working on using VYOS in my DEV ops environment within VMWARE ESXI. I have automated the deployment of several other systems in the environment. The bit I am stuck on at the moment is that when the live ISO boots up, it has specific configuration (opt\vyatta\etc\config.boot.default) which is derived from the path in the brackets I believe. I’d like some way to change the default configuration without touching the VM whatsoever. Is there a way I can achieve this? Thanks

I have figured a way around it. I’m using PowerCLI for ESXI and I’ve found a script which sends keystrokes to the VM’s console. Not that neat but it will achieve the objective. Thanks anyway. :smile:

Maybe it will better to use .ova images?

I’d still have the same problem with somehow injecting some default config without touching the VM though? I dont want to have to make images, just to download the latest image from your website. I’m using something the below, so will throw it into a loop and make it a bit neater soon enough but its delivering exactly what I need but still feel that it would be good if you could easily deploy default config to the VM without having to hack away at it like I am.


        Send-VMKeystrokes -VMName $VYOSToMake.$serverID[0] -StringInput "vyos" -ReturnCarriage $true -SleepSecs 1
        Send-VMKeystrokes -VMName $VYOSToMake.$serverID[0] -StringInput "vyos" -ReturnCarriage $true -SleepSecs 1